If your spot is published but you’ve not yet agreed to an exchange with another KurbKarma user yet, you can simply withdraw your parking spot with a single click. You can also update the departure time, if that suits better.

If you’ve already agreed to an exchange with someone and they’re on the way to meet you, you should really try and honour your agreement with them. They’ve already paid up their share of KarmaKredits (and you will receive KarmaKredit regardless) so they’ll understandably not be too happy if you just take off and likely give you a negative rating.

If there’s a true emergency, you can always message the other person and apologize and grovel - perhaps they’ll let you off and not rate you poorly this one time. Remember, your rating is your reputation and reflects your parking karma. Users who habitually back out of agreed exchanges, or who accrue too many negative ratings may be banned from the system.